SEO Hidden Tricks to Know

Some traders and marketers used to follow some spam tricks to boost their websites rating. They use some simple tricks to boost their sales but they can’t stay longer periods. If you are on that track, please stop here! Change your track. To build your site traffic you have to maintain the quality of your site content. To do this there are some measurements to follow, the first fact is you have to maintain competitive landscape, that’s means you have to compare your sites with some similar sites which are really visible to search engines. Again, you must have to follow the fact that, you have to maintain the priority of keyword density. You have to make sure that in your homepage content you must use the targeted keyword.

The next priority I should give upon Metatags, perhaps I should elaborate something about Metatags, Metatags are mainly located in the HTML codes in web pages and its give detail information about the web pages. Metatags are of some kinds, the first fact is Title Metatag. The Title Metatag is used in the front line of any browser; this is very much useful for search engine visible. The next thing is description Metatag, now days the Open Directory Project which is commonly known as ODP they reject site with some promotion type of descriptions. So, you should use useful and informative posts which are related to your site topics.

The next category related to content is that, keyword Metatag. You may think that this is not really necessary because Google does not index keyword Metatag but still this keyword Metatag is necessary.  You again have to add Metatag (Alternative Text) to images. The main part of your site reputation is to catch the attention of The Open Directory Project, this is most reputed and human edited web directory. You have to meet some certain criteria provided by The Open Directory Project, they will certainly index your site.

You must have to follow those criteria to gain popularity, along with this you have to maintain social media strategies to keep your websites rating high. You should also maintain newsletter, email alerts and even you can promote your site on your personal social networking pages. Then you must have to monitor the traffics, if you are able to compare the traffic then you should know the differences. Suppose traffics always like some of your website part, try to focus on the topics people are visiting frequently, then you should know the popularity of website.

After this you must have to follow some white hat tricks of marketing, if you are not following the white hat tricks you will have to suffer in long run. Don’t try to use any black hat methods, if you are on black hat traffic generation formula you have to suffer with your site. Always try to be with white hats, success guaranteed! I promise!