Some Popular Affiliate Sites to Start Ventures

Many people are thinking of starting their affiliate ventures but they don’t have the right information about the affiliate networks. There are some scams networks out there for you they will just give you promise but lastly they will not fulfill the promise thoroughly. On the other hand there are also some reputed sites out there for many internet traders that will help you to gain you desired success. Many sites pays performance based which is commonly known as CPA (Cost per Action); again there are also other sites which are really reputed in the World Wide Web, we all know that we are webbed!

I am here with you to help in searching all those affiliate sites, you may surf the sites to know more about the websites info. The first thing I want to share with you is Amazon affiliate. We all know that, Amazon is the most popular ecommerce marketplace and the company share their profit with their online seller which are commonly known as affiliates. They mainly sell books but there are some other products also which they are selling. They are the most reputed name is affiliate marketing business, anyone who are trying to be affiliate marketer, can choose them without any sort of problem.


The next one I will suggest in CJ which is commonly known as commission junction, this affiliate program is also very much popular among he beginners, if you are a beginners level player you should choose CJ, you can take payment here from check and via direct deposit, the lowest payment via check is hundred dollar and the lowest payment via direct deposit is fifty dollar.


The third affiliate network I will suggest to you that is that Click Bank affiliate which is also reputed website and affiliate network in the world. You will certainly get 50 to 75 percent commission from CB affiliates. As far as my question I have benefited from click bank affiliate.

The forth but also the important name in the affiliate market is of Google affiliate network, this is also consider as the reputed affiliate network in the world. This ad network pays well; you can either take money from here by check or via direct deposit on your local bank.

The next name is Link Share affiliate. This is another quality name in affiliate network marketplace. People are making money from this affiliate program also; Link Share is the most reputed name is this affiliate marketplace.

Another popular affiliate is Viglink which is known as in house affiliate program, people are also earning a lot of money from this affiliate.

So, if you are trying to begin your internet marketing and affiliate, you should choose from all of those affiliate networks. I have tried to put the names which are really reputed, you may find other sites of affiliate marketing but my narrated sites are most popular among affiliate traders.